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Trusted Psychologists & Experts in Counselling Perth & Australia Wide

COVID-19 – We’re still offering our support and services in these difficult times. Contact us for more info.

Our Promise To You

  • We only ask for your commitment and you’ll get the results you want.
  • We offer you regular workshops & seminars.
  • We practise what we preach.
  • Whatever you need, we have a qualified specialist for you.
  • You will have access to people who can help you 24/7.
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Watch Anthony’s Testimonial

During our 4 day seminar, Anthony made some personal breakthroughs and bravely offered to share his experience on video.

Here at Lifeskills, nothing makes us more grateful and honored to have been a part of his journey toward better health and well being.

Thank you Anthony, you are an inspiration!

Watch Liana’s Testimonial

In this video, Liana shares her results and experience after attending our three day seminar. We are truly humbled and honored to be a part of your journey, Liana!

Our team at Lifeskills Australia highly values the impact we have imparted on our client’s journey towards self-recovery. Liana’s story is one of many that keep us inspired to continue our pursuit in helping Australians achieve new levels of well being, clarity and focus.

Liana, thank you for sharing your story!

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Watch Liana’s Testimonial

In this video, Liana shares her results and experience after attending our three day seminar. We are truly humbled and honored to be a part of your journey, Liana!

Our team at Lifeskills Australia highly values the impact we have imparted on our client’s journey towards self-recovery. Liana’s story is one of many that keep us inspired to continue our pursuit in helping Australians achieve new levels of well being, clarity and focus.

Liana, thank you for sharing your story!

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Testimony of Louisa Hawton

I first attended a Life skills Australia seminar in 2012 while going through some truly trying times in my life. Alcohol abuse, marriage breakdown & depression. I was a lost soul with a burning desire to find myself. I was ready to transform and face my inner demons. Life skills Australia gave me the tools I needed to heal my past, find myself and unleash my very best to reach new heights in my life. Since my first experience working with Lee and the team I have been able to continue to push myself to face my fears and work through my own road blocks. I’m now a 2 time World Champion representing Australia as a professional boxer, making history and building my legacy, while being a mother to my 2 amazing children. I still face challenges on my journey, the difference now is I know I’m responsible for making life work for me, rather than against me.


As Australia’s Trusted Psychologists and Counselling Experts with a proven track of record in the industry, we have the in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience in helping individuals, couples, families, private and corporate businesses bring their life back to balance.

We help you (our valued clients) live the life you deserve. If you are struggling in life and need help, call us FREE on our Mental Health Emergency Response Line 📞 1300 555 788 or 📞 1800 676 822.


Are you or a friend/family member going through depression and in need of help? We offer professional depression counselling anywhere you are in Australia.

Family Counselling

Is your family experiencing difficult times? Family counselling can help produce long-lasting improvements that will bring harmony and joy to family members.

Fear & Anxiety

Do you need help to overcome your fear and anxiety? We offer fear & anxiety counselling that’s custom-tailored to an individual’s unique needs & preferences.


Why Choose Lifeskills Australia?

Qualified & Certified
Lifeskills Australia is a team of skilled and certified psychologists and counselling experts working with private & corporate sectors in Australia.
We are focused on helping you (our clients) achieve a positive work-life balance. We guarantee we can help you deal with challenging situations that often seem overwhelming
Wide Range of Services
We work with our clients as individuals, couples, families and groups, and we offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for Corporations & businesses Nationally.
Highly Experienced
Lifeskills' highly experienced team use a wide range of evidence-based practices, tested and proven processes that are tailored to the individual needs of our clients.
We Genuinely Care
At Lifeskills Australia, we genuinely care. Anyone who struggles with life's challenges can get help from our top-rated psychologists and qualified counsellors, anytime, anywhere.
Fully Registered
Our counsellors, psychologists, career advisors/mentors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, sexologists and Clinical Social Workers are fully registered, licensed & qualified. Each of them meets high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development.

We are Lifeskills Australia

Trusted Psychologists & Counselling Experts Servicing Perth & Australia Wide

We Help You Find & Forge Your Own Path

We Have The Best Psychologists & Counselling Experts Near You

Our Workshops

Join in on the action at our workshops and work towards overcoming the problem.  Share roadblocks and improve yourself with likeminded people.

Our Services

We offer many services to help you improve yourself, your career, relationship, marriage, your life, and even the life of the people around you.

National Service Provider

We are a national EAP service provider servicing:

lifeskills australia locations nationwide


  • Perth
  • Broome
  • Busselton
  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Port Headland


  • Canberra
  • Newcastle
  • Sydney
  • Wagga Wagga


  • Alice Springs
  • Darwin


  • Brisbane
  • Goldcoast
  • Mount Isa
  • Sunshine Coast


  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Melbourne


  • Adelaide
  • Port Lincoln

About Us

Lifeskills Australia is a provider of psychological and professional counselling services in Perth and Australia wide. We cater to both private and corporate clients who need help putting their employee’s or family member’s life back in balance.

Our ultimate goal is to help you (our client) achieve a positive work-life balance so you can maximise your potential and life your life to the fullest.

If you’re dealing with challenging situations that make you feel overwhelmed, or if you feel like everything is not going your way, or that you feel like you are all alone even if you work with so many other individuals – then please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Give us a call on 📞 1800 870 080. We ensure to give you only the best psychologists and counselling Perth services.

At Lifeskills Australia, anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help anytime, anywhere.

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Our commitment to you

The Lifeskills Centre team is committed to applying the best of their knowledge, skills, care and experience. We do this in a manner that supports good practice and respects the right of clients to make their own choices. Our commitment is to help you to achieve to be the very best person that you can be.

Appointments are available in our offices or for EAP clients at your workplace. We also run workshops and programs both on our premises and for corporate clients at your workplace. Call us on 📞1800 870 080 to find out how you can claim a rebate from Medicare and/or your private health fund.

Self-Care Mental Health Workshop

Join us for some mental health recovery and self-care techniques.

For more information and workshop, flyer download use the button below.

Our Blog

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Do you need counselling services, psychologists, career advisors/mentorship, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, sexologists and/or Clinical Social Workers, to pursue your ongoing personal development? We can help!

Our goal is to work with you (our clients) and help you obtain inner wellbeing & create optimal life balance, so you can live your life to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment with us by calling us on 📞 1800 870 080 or emailing us at Our staff is always ready to accommodate you with whatever life counselling you need help with.

What should I prepare to avail of your counselling Perth services?

Aside from the costs per sessions, you also need to prepare a Mental Health Care Plan in order to avail not just our counselling services, but also a rebate with our Psychologist or Clinical Social Worker.

Why Mental Health is Important?

Mental health is important.
Good mental health is fundamental to the wellbeing of individuals, their families, and the whole population. Conversely, mental health problems and mental illness are among the greatest causes of disability, diminished quality of life, and reduced productivity. People affected by mental health problems often have high levels of morbidity and mortality, experiencing poorer general health and higher rates of death from a range of causes, including suicide. These conditions are significant in terms of prevalence and disease burden, and have far-reaching impacts for families, carers and others in the community (National Mental Health Plan 2003-08).
Give us a call on 📞1800 870 080 if you need mental health support.

What is a Mental Health Care Plan?

A mental health care plan is a plan that your GP uses to identify what kind of mental health issues you are experiencing and what kind of care you need. It is also used to give yourself and your doctor an understanding of what you are aiming to achieve. You can avail the best counselling services with our Mental Health Care Plan.

Are your workshops suitable for me?

Absolutely! The workshops that we offer are diverse enough to give our clients optimum counselling solutions. We offer mental health first aid, communication workshop, and many more. Call us today on 📞 1800 870 080 to inquire for more information.

How can I join your Self-Care Mental Health Workshop?

First, you need to click here and fill out the seminar application form along with other respective forms such as Lifeskills Booking and Payment Form. Next, you can call us to confirm your booking or appointment and if you need more information about our Self-Care Mental Health Workshop. 

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