An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides your business with the opportunity to reduce its people risks by providing confidential and effective solution focused counselling to employees and their families. Our aim is to work with you to improve staff morale and productivity in the workplace by reducing the incidence of absenteeism and the affects of stress, anxiety, depression and other symptoms that can negatively impact on staff and the work environment.

As part of being an EAP Provider Lifeskills Centre has been called upon several times in the past year to attend to a fatality in the work place. This is something we never take lightly and have a crisis management plan in place so we can have a counsellor to your work place immediately.


We will help staff deal with their emotions by following the ‘5 stage of grief’ guidelines. We will assist staff to understand what everyone else is going through and get everyone on the same page so that the employees and management feel a sense of control, security and leadership as soon as possible.

This service has proved to be highly successful for our EAP clients. There are not a lot of counsellors that offer this service, but at Lifeskills Centre we thrive on rolling our sleeves up and helping people when they need the help most, right there and then on the spot! And because of the very successful outcomes LifeSkills Centre has been asked to return and present other workshops and one-on-one counselling.

For further information or for a formal proposal outlining our services, terms and fee structure please contact our Office Manager Lita Santos on 1800 870 080 or email:



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