The misuse of alcohol and other drugs takes its toll on everyone. Unfortunately shame and stigma can often be the biggest barriers to seeking help. If alcohol and/or other drugs are affecting your life and relationships, we will help and support you to achieve your goals. Remember you are not alone.

Cases of people who faces drugs and/or alcohol issues are more common than you think. Furthermore, over 90% of people who come to see us for counselling don’t fit the media stereotype of an addict. They often have successful careers, loving relationships, a family and active social life. Yet drug and alcohol problems are rampant in our community: it’s an invisible epidemic, due to the stigma and secrecy many people feel about their drinking and drug use. We all want to lead happy, productive and pro-social lives: effectively managing alcohol and drug use is key to achieving that goal.

We may use substances to unwind and de-stress, to celebrate life’s successes and joys, mourn passings, and sometimes to escape reality. Drug and alcohol issues can be a symptom of more complex problems. People frequently resort to drinking or taking drugs (or ‘self-medicate’ with alcohol or drugs) as a coping mechanism: intoxication can mask or distract us from underlying feelings, help people cope with illness, reduce stress, and be a temporary avoidance of pain.

Counselling helps people to look at why they are using drugs or drinking alcohol, and address any associated issues. Most importantly, specialist drug and alcohol counselling will equip you with useful strategies for dealing with life’s challenges in ways that enhance your health and well-being, rather than just masking any underlying feelings, moods or stress you’re experiencing.

We also offer counselling to all family members who may be impacted by someone else’s use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

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