Difference Between Anger and Rage:

(Why Anger Management Groups Notoriously do not Work).

A six week, two hour workshop starting in June.

Anger is described as an intense feeling in response to feeling frustrated, hurt, disappointed, or threatened.  Anger contains both advantages and disadvantages:



 It can help us overcome fear; can spur us into action or to stand up for ourselves and be assertive

 It can give us the confidence to respond adequately to a danger or a threat (fight or flight response



 It can be difficult to judge our levels of angry response; so we may over-react or be aggressive to people whom we love or we can erroneously tangle with people who may react intensely and do us harm.

 It can be more of a rage response (from a different area of the brain); where we’ve re-acted to a stimulus without conscious thought and consideration.

 It can incite other people’s rage and have us constantly reacting on our wits (amygdala hijack) which can both exhaust us and damage our relationships.

This group will review the notions of anger and rage.  You will be able to understand your own physical, biochemical and biomechanical responses when angered or enraged and what is the difference.

We will use group process and some role play to discuss, review, manage, and become more comfortable, with our anger responses. We’ll do similar with the anger/ rage responses of other people around us. . . plus learn how to avoid or de-escalate situations and people.

This will benefit those with anger issues, those who love someone with these issues or those who work/socialise with a person or people with these issues.

Group Leader: Denise Ann Byrne MSW (Denny) trained in this area in 1984-86 in Colorado with Dr Carl Hollander and has explored this work with her own clients in private practice since this time, training other professionals in this area of work.

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