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The scorching sun and heat waves announce the arrival of summer season. With the arrival of summer, you get worried about how to tackle or combat the unbearable heat. Sweating, dehydration, skin irritation, heat stroke, and suntan are common disturbing factors during the summer months. Since a new study has already stated that several Indian cities are going to face hotter days in the coming months, we need to be more alert. We are sharing 10 smart tips to help you stay cool while the temperature soars outside:


1. Stay hydrated:

Drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day to stay hydrated during summer months. Water flashes out toxins from the body, restricts the addition of unwanted calories, and, keeps the body hydrated when half of body’s fluid gets released in the form of sweat. Along with water, drink fruit juices, coconut water and lime water to replenish your body with lost fluids.


2. Bath frequently:

We generally tend to feel drained out of energy because of the scorching sun. A cold shower can bring back that freshness and keep us stay energized for a long time. A cool shower also washes off sweat from the body and prevents the growth of boils and prickles.


3. Eat light:

Replace a heavy meal with lighter options like green salads, vegetable sandwiches, sprouts, and yogurt-based foods like raita, lassi, and curd rice. Avoid fried foods because it takes time to get digested. Late or improper digestion can slow down the body’s cooling process.


4. Include fruits in diet:

Fruits like watermelon, pears, muskmelons, lemons, peaches, pineapple, and grapes are must haves in your summer diet. The fruits are high in water and therefore help the body to cool down naturally while keeping it hydrated. Make a tasty fruit salt with pinch of salt and pepper for your afternoon snack.


5. Stay indoors:

Try to avoid the outdoor heat especially during the day time, when temperature reaches maximum limit. Try to leave for work early and return only after sunset. In case, you have to step out under the blazing sun, try to expose your body to sunlight as less as you can. Wear handcuffs, sunglasses, light socks and scarf to protect skin from suntan and pigmentation.


6. Apply sunscreen:

This is a major protector against sunburn and is therefore a must have cosmetic in your kitty. Slather sunscreen at least 15 minutes before steeping out and reapply it whenever required. Choose a vitamin-enriched and water based sunscreen to avoid stickiness.


7. Dress light:

Summer is the time to put on light colour and loose fitted clothes. Put aside heavy jeans or any form of dark colour dresses, and synthetic clothes to avoid sweat and skin irritation.


8. Avoid caffeine:

Caffeine leads to dehydration and summer is the time to keep ourselves hydrated. So, instead of coffee or any form of caffeinated drinks, try to sip any form of cool healthy drinks.


9. Exercise smartly:

Don’t do strenuous exercises when there is boiling temperature around you. Stick to light exercises and go for swimming. Also, swimming is one of the best ways to stay fit, fresh, and cool during the summer months.


10. Keep spray bottle and wet tissues handy:

Ensure you keep an antiperspirant and pack of wet tissues in your bag while travelling outdoors. Sprinkle it all over all body and wipe your face with wet wipes whenever you sweat. Summer may make you feel worried about your skin and overall health conditions. However, these smart tips can help you fight the scorching rays and keep you fit and glowing throughtout the season.

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