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It has slowly become accepted that mental health conditions are a real and prevalent issue facing our society, impacting employees, businesses, and wider communities in multiple ways. While many assume mental health issues originate at home, the reality is most workers spend a significant time in the workplace giving employees a reasonable duty of care to provide support, in line with WHS laws.


As well as increasing the wellbeing of the individual, mental health awareness training has been proven to improve a company’s ROIs. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are an incredibly effective tool when utilised correctly, but while many employers provide this benefit it is underused. Read on to learn how an EAP in Perth increases productivity, and why promotion and participation is key. 

Workplace mental health

Understanding mental health conditions and how they affect a workplace is imperative for business leaders, with results beneficial for both organisations and their employees. With most adult Australians (45% – ABS, 2007) experiencing a mental health issue at some point, it’s a problem that cannot be ignored. 


Certain workforces see a higher prevalence than others, with the financial, construction, and mining sectors experiencing high numbers of mental health-related issues in recent years. The cost of this is high – approximately $11 billion a year for Australian workplaces. This figure is calculated from absenteeism and presenteeism (poor work productivity), with the true cost much higher when high turnovers and other factors are taken into account.

Increased productivity means improved ROIs

By addressing several critical success factors and encouraging EAP employee participation, organisations can expect a positive ROI of 2.3 –  each dollar spent is returned as $2.30. Benefits mainly come in the form of reduced presenteeism and absenteeism, as well as fewer compensation claims – on average a 33% reduction –  and an overall happier workforce. 


A positive ROI is only achievable with management support and worker participation, making collaborating with experienced EAP providers in Perth a key way to provide a long-term solution. On average, someone with a moderate mental health issue will spend a whopping 7 days/ 52.2 hours more being productive a year. Medium-sized organisations, particularly in mining organisations, have seen a positive ROI across all potential actions, making a strong case for providing EAP

Encouraging EAP use

The global results from EAP studies show a solid link between a company’s success and the level of worker engagement. Gallup found less turnover, higher profits, improved customer satisfaction, and increased staff productivity with high engagement through EAPs. 


In order to reap the benefits, employers must clearly communicate the EAP to their staff and promote online or phone services, while training management to understand and help provide these key services to employees in need. 

Experienced Perth EAP providers

Utilizing experienced EAP Perth-based specialists, like Lifeskills Australia, can mean reducing employee disengagement and turnover, as well as immeasurable positives like improved morale and a happier work environment for all. 

By providing adaptable services suited to the digital age, the knowledge Lifeskills Australia staff can help transform your financial services office, or your hardworking mining team. For more information on our services as EAP providers in Perth, including mediation and conflict resolution, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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