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Many people in high-pressure jobs, or industries with busy schedules, tend to put their mental well-being on the back burner. The reasons for this vary, but common causes are not knowing where to turn to for help or feeling shame around the issue. 


Over time the results of this can have severe negative impacts on an employees health and wellbeing, as well as work performance. Thankfully, most employers in Australia today recognise the importance of good mental health for their staff, and results have shown that investing in a quality EAP (Employee Assistance Program) can be a transformative business decision.

What is an EAP?

EAP Perth programmes are counselling services provided for a business through a third party, like Life Skills. It acts as a safe space for employees to receive help for issues affecting their work and personal lives, supporting their overall well-being and helping tackle any psychological issues head-on. This might include workplace conflict, marital issues, dealing with loss, depression, anxiety counselling in Perth, and more.


Companies can emotionally invest in the wellbeing of their employees through an EAP, by providing qualified professional counsellors and psychologists in Perth at no extra cost. Qualified EAP providers in Perth can supply a fully formed programme that fits seamlessly into any existing business, offering employees a safe and confidential place to get help and improve their health as well as work performance.

The benefits of a Perth EAP 

By providing your employees with EAP services, like short-term counselling, referrals, and telephone support lines, you can help solve a problem early on and reduce the likelihood of poor work performance and high absenteeism. Showing your employees you care encourages them to seek help, and removing the cost of counselling in Perth reduces stress and uncertainty around doing so. 


Workers, particularly in male-dominated environments such as banking and mining, can avoid seeking help when they need it, leading to poor productivity. Lost working days and low staff retention cost Australian businesses billions each year, whereas investing in an empathetic approach to this common problem can increase staff loyalty while reducing sick days.

A valuable investment

High staff turnover is an expensive habit for any company. Regular reminders of a confidential EAP, for anyone who needs it, creates a caring environment that can prevent a great employee from quitting. On an ethical level, employers should look after their staff, and EAPs can be a real lifeline for struggling workers.


For employers the benefits are obvious. Studies show that the return on investment of incorporating an EAP into their business can be as high as 300-600%. Industries such as mining and resources, manufacturing, insurance, and finance have an above-average ROI when Perth EAPs are in place. 

How Life Skills can help your business

By providing Perth employees with support for personal or work problems through experienced professional counsellors, the team at Life Skills aims to improve workers quality of life. Working as trusted EAP providers in Perth means providing assistance and boosting the productivity of employees for Australian businesses. This is based on a 2019 study conducted by Oxford University that states happy employees are 13% more productive than your average employee. 


Offering free and confidential solution-focused guidance to workers can transform a business, with a clear path to successfully achieving key outcomes through EAP Perth. For more information on our EAPs, as well as our other counselling and support services, please get in touch today.


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