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Our team at Lifeskills Australia welcome all our EAP and corporate partners to the new year. We are looking forward to working with you in 2019 to minimise mental health issues in your workplace.

A big welcome to our new social media accounts manager. We are very lucky to have Sara who has  big plans this year for our social media presence. If you haven’t already please follow us on facebook and Instagram. We will also be working on bringing you our very own podcast and Youtube channel.  Once up and running, these links will be found on our website – lifeskillsaustralia.com.au. We are so excited to have launched our new EAP app for employees and supervisors.

For our clients out in Kalgoorlie we have great pleasure in introducing Dr Petra Becker. Dr Becker is a clinical psychologist with lots of experience in EAP and we are so excited to have her on board. I will send a flyer and more information on Dr Becker once it becomes available. Our Kalgoorlie office is getting busier with new EAP partners and we have been going out to present to the general community on mental health awareness. We have had excellent feedback on Dr Petra Becker who has been providing EAP psychological services for us since January.

We continue to provide customised workshops to meet your specific EAP needs and this year we have rolled out the Lifeskills Workplace Program – an intensive 3 stage program that extensively addresses specified workplace issues for individuals and managers. We rolled out our newest Workplace Mental Health Training workshop this month. This will be a good introduction into our Mental Health first Aid Training module. Our facilitators are currently getting accredited as training and are very excited to roll out the accredited first aider training course later on in the year.

We have had excellent feedback from our self-care workshop introduced late last year and we will continue to offer it for your organisational needs. We are continually working on bringing you new and exciting workplace programs and workshops and will advise as they are rolled out.

WOW have we been busy, with the end of year approaching our team at Lifeskills Australia have been preparing for our upcoming EAP reports for the year.

Our private arm of Lifeskills has expanded to NDIS and Bulk Billing. This is great news for our EAP Partners as this increases our ability to refer your employees in-house should the need arise. We pride ourselves on our focus on continuity of care for our clients and we are confident these new services will provide an opportunity to grow in this area.

Looking for the best EAP has to offer? Get Advice!

lifeskills-mentally-healthy-workplaceAs part of our community ethos we have dedicated a portion of our resources to providing the community with mental health awareness workshops and enneagram workshops.  In Kalgoorlie we ran the R U Struggling? Workshop and received great feedback. Remember just because you are struggling – doesn’t mean you are failing.

lifeskills-mentally-healthy-workplaceThese are complimentary entry and form part of our giving back to our community. See our website for details on the next free workshop. Our Enneagram personality profiling workshop ran last month and was a huge hit. Come along to one and find out what personality type you are.

lifeskills-mentally-healthy-workplaceLifeskills Australia is dedicated to continued improvement in our service provision. This is extremely important to us. As such we provide opportunities for our individual clients to provide feedback for us in various ways including a feedback form available at point of reception and the SRS evaluation conducted with the therapist. However, some feedback may be given to HR that we are not made aware of. In such cases we ask that you please bring any and all feedback, whether positive or negative to our attention. This will give us the opportunity to address any issues in a timely and effective manner and to improve our service to you. Your co-operation on this is greatly appreciated and ultimately allows for the best outcome for your employees.

It has come to our attention that our clients may not be not fully aware of how critical the client-therapist relationship is. Studies show that feeling a connection with your therapist is critical to the success of the therapy and is linked to positive outcomes for the clients. As such it is imperative that our clients tell us if they do NOT like their therapists or didn’t connect with them. This will allow us to offer them another therapist who may better fit with their needs. To address this we are going to circulate an informational flyer that I have attached for your perusal.

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