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High turnover rates for employees can be detrimental to any business. With the current climate of staff shortages, it’s imperative to offer your valued staff premium benefits and management tools to boost retention.


In order to compete in today’s job market, offering assistance to employees for a variety of issues is a must. Workers expect and deserve help and engagement and effective Employee Assistance Programs have the sole intent of increasing the overall wellbeing of each staff member.


Working with quality EAP Providers in Perth like Lifeskills Australia can give your organisation the tools it needs to invigorate the overall attitude of the workplace and encourage talented staff to stay invested.

Utilising Conflict Resolution

The main goal of any distinguished EAP is improving the happiness of employees, and a key way to achieve that is through considered conflict resolution via a trusted third-party like Lifeskills Australia. By offering customised wellness programs as a core employee benefit, staff can feel heard and cared for, with the assurance of full confidentiality and neutrality.


An EAP works as a program for intervention, helping employees navigate issues from financial difficulty to workplace bullying before it has a detrimental effect on their job. Providing assistance through counselling and conflict resolution is a clear path to transforming problems before they result in someone quitting, boosting employee retention as well as engagement and productivity.

Combating High Staff Turnover

Any company struggling with poor worker retention understands how costly this can be, from constant recruitment fees to poor workplace functionality. In order to improve employment longevity, it’s important to understand the main causes for high staff turnover and how best to combat them.


One of the main reasons an employee quits is due to ongoing issues resulting in a poor psychological state. Causes may be conflicts with other staff, an unhealthy work environment, low job satisfaction and personal circumstances such as marital problems.


By offering clear and accessible ways for all staff members to seek free help, they can tackle the cause of their dissatisfaction head on, while feeling supported in the meantime. Experienced EAP Providers in Perth are adept at finding the root of the issue and help dissolve employee stress in a productive manner.

Maximise Employee Retention

Providing employees with quality benefits via an EAP lets them know their company cares about them. Creating this type of positive workplace environment can significantly improve employee retention, creating a supportive culture that fosters company loyalty, while enticing prospective employees to join the team.


Once you incorporate a quality EAP, it’s important to communicate this benefit clearly to employees and encourage managers and team leaders to promote this resource to any struggling staff members. This will show workers the organisation cares for their wellbeing and will help with opportunities for career advancement.

Work With Leading EAP Providers in Perth

Encountering challenges with staff due to issues in the workplace or home are nothing new and something all businesses have to deal with. There is no shame in offering or seeking help, what matters is how you provide support to those who need it.


As leading providers of premium EAPs in Perth, Lifeskills Australia are experts at resolving workplace conflict and improving the retention of employees through confidential, tailored counselling programs. Get in touch today and learn more about Lifeskills Australia can help your business surpass expectations.


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