Highly Skilled Australian Psychologists & Counselling Professionals

“All too often people only provide “feedback” in a negative form, I want to let you know what a great service your team provide and how much it has helped me in the short time I have been attending sessions there.

Thank you, sincerely, to all your team for the quality time, insight and care they put in to every person that attends your sessions. My Counsellor has helped me with things I didn’t even know had caused me issues throughout my life, she is making me understand myself, my behaviours, patterns and personality more in the few months I have been seeing her than I have gained from a lifetime of reading self-help books and talking to friends!

The girls working at reception, obviously qualified/in training in their own rights are wonderful also. Every touch point at Lifeskills Centre is a positive one. I know a lot of our staff come to Lifeskills as part of our EAP, and I want you to know what a valuable asset you are to us as a team.

Keep doing what you’re doing ladies, you are at peak performance!!”

Five Star
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