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When we think about jobs and careers, most of us mainly think of what our family and friends do for a living. Often, many of us may feel uncertain about where our passion and interest lie, or whether or not this chosen career path really suits us, what if down the road we realize it is not what we want?

Career counsellors know a lot about what kinds of work and training is out there. They can help you broaden your horizons and show you options you may not have considered before.

It can be hard when you’re under pressure from your family, your parents or other people in your life to make a particular decision. You shouldn’t let other people pressure you into making a decision, though. If this happens, consider asking those people to come with you to speak to a career counsellor together. A career counsellor might be able to help them see your circumstances and opportunities differently.


When to consider Career Counselling


  seeking work experience

  thinking of switching career paths

  recently left your job

  trying to get back into work after being unemployed

  deciding what subjects to choose in Year 11 or 12

  choosing your bachelor degree or TAFE

  struggling to achieve work/life balance


How will Career Counselling benefit you?


  Explore options

  Goal setting

  Identify strengths and weaknesses

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