In accordance with he Commonwealth Privacy Act, 1988, I, the above listed individual hereby authorise Lifeskills Australia to release information from my counselling record to the individual(s) or organisation (s) named above and for the reasons specified. I acknowledge by my signature that I understand that although I am not required to release my information, I am giving my consent to do so. Additionally, I understand that I may revoke this authorisation in writing at any time, except for that information which has already been released with consent and prior to my revocation.

This information has been disclosed to the named individual(s) from records whose confidentiality is protected by Commonwealth Law. The law generally requires workers to protect the confidential information of their clients. The Commonwealth Privacy Act, 1988 and the Privacy and Personal Information Act, 1998 (NSW) strengthen this protection. This legislation states that an individual’s personal and family history cannot be divulged to other organisations without their consent, and that these records must be kept in a secure place.


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