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One-on-one counselling focuses on enhancing the psychological well-being of an individual.

Individual counselling facilitates your personal growth, development and self-understanding to enable you to adopt constructive life practices and live an enriching life.

When you choose therapy, you also choose your growth, and development to strengthen yourself to deal with life’s difficulties in a more productive way.

Benefits of Individual Counselling

One-on-one work helps you accept yourself without any judgements bringing a positive change in your life and in those around you. Here’s how individual counselling can help you live an enriched life:

Enables you to understand yourself and process your emotions better. Clinicians guide & empower you to take the right course of action.

Allows you to define and set realistic goals and take significant steps in your life to achieve them and move forward to creating life balance.

Helps you to create deeper relationships (romantic or otherwise) and enables you to trust and relate to others better.

Types of Individual Counselling Services

At Lifeskills Australia, you’ll get a variety of individual counselling services. Be it depression, stress, trauma or any other issue, our experienced professionals are here to help you out. The services we offer at Lifeskills Australia include therapy for:


  • Creating life balance at home & in workplace
  • Family Mediation
  • Effective communication
    Stress, Anxiety & Depression

  • Underlying causes & triggers
  • Managing the impact on day-to-day life
  • Interventions for long- & short-term change
    Children & Adolescents

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Innovative interventions and therapy
  • Social media risk & influences

  • Healthy coping mechanisms in a safe environment
  • Specialised trauma clinicians
  • Evidence-based therapies

  • LGBTQI+ and gender stereotypes
  • Sexuality & relationships education
  • Sex positive professionals
    Personal Development & Career Counselling

  • Personality profiling and strengths & weaknesses analysis
  • Role mapping and prepositioning techniques
  • Career transitioning planning

How We Deliver Our Service


Have a one-on-one session with our professional clinicians at one of our Lifeskills Australia Offices. Meeting in person allows the counsellor to observe differences in the client's verbal and non-verbal communication.


Not able to meet in person? We can meet you online via Telehealth.


Professional support and advice can also be supplied over the phone.

Book an Individual Counselling Appointment

If you’d like to create more balance in your life, book an appointment with a Lifeskills Australia Clinician today by phoning 1800 870 080 or contacting us via email.

Book an Individual Counselling Appointment

If you’d like to create more balance in your life, book an appointment with a Lifeskills Australia Clinician today by phoning 1800 870 080 or contacting us via email.

Why Choose LifeSkills Australia

Fully Registered: Our team of Counsellors, Clinical & Registered Psychologists, Career Coaches, Facilitators, Psychotherapists, Sexologists and Social Workers are all registered, qualified and licensed with their applicable governing body, practising ethically and meeting all professional standards.

Tailor-Made Counselling: At Lifeskills Australia we understand that each person’s situation is unique. With our diverse expertise you will find a clinician with the skills and experience to provide bespoke therapy that will meet your needs.

Assorted Services: Our EAP services, workshops and counselling sessions are available Australia wide to all corporations, businesses, individuals, families and groups. If you need help, all you need to do is reach out to us!

Experienced Team: Our Clinicians use evidence-based practices, solution focused interventions and tools proven to drive change and meaningful growth in people’s lives.

Made With Love: We offer nothing but counselling services made with genuine love and care in a space where you feel safe to be yourself. If you’re someone looking for assistance to help you move forward with renewed motivation and a feeling of “I’ve got this” Lifeskills Australia have the person for you anytime, anywhere.

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