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Critical Incident Management

When things go wrong, the health, safety and mental well-being of your people should be the number one priority. That’s why at Lifeskills Australia, our team can provide both Critical Incident Management Planning and Critical Incident Response.

Having a Critical Incident Management Plan in your business is so important as it is a systematised approach to planning and implementing an immediate and long-term response to a critical incident that includes policies, standards and procedures. A robust plan should be incorporated.

Benefits of Critical Incident Response

Early engagement of our Critical Incident Response Team can effectively help your employees recover from a traumatic event, providing them with the right kind of counselling as soon as possible post event can save them from further damage to their mental health.

Events like death, serious injury or a traumatic event can cause major trauma and acting on it at the right time can save employees from years of stress and anxiety with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our Critical Incident Response Team are trained mental health professionals who will assist you assess the risk of danger and determine what kind of support the employees involved need.

Demonstrating that you have access to an on-call critical response team can also help your organisation comply with OSHA regulatory requirements which are applicable to business with 10 or more employees.


Benefits of a Critical Incident Management Plan in your Business

Increases the well-being of your employees and the public.

 Helps identify threats early

 Protects your company from legal exposure 

Limits impact and helps maintain business continuity

Maintains your reputation

Types of Critical Incident Services

With proactive measures in place and dealt with at the right time, critical incidents can be handled effectively. That’s why Lifeskills Australia has professionals in the team who know how to prepare for an event, respond to an event and support you to recover from an event and can assist you with:

  • Preparation of a comprehensive Critical Incident Management Plan (Framework, Management & Communications)
  • Deployment of an onsite team of Clinicians
  • Group Debriefs for grief, loss, trauma
  • 24 / 7 Emergency Crisis Support
  • Post incident recovery planning
  • Post incident debriefs
  • Longer term support for impacted employees

Your Critical Incident Management Plan and Resources Pack 

Your Critical Incident Management Plan and Resources Pack will have 4 major components. 

1) Critical Incident Management Framework

Part A: Defines a critical incident
Part B: Outlines training and preparation
Part C: Outlines the process when a critical incident response is necessary
Part D: Describe the critical incident roles and responsibilities
Part E: Outline the operating cycle for managing incidents
Part F: Outlines post-incident actions and evaluation

2) Critical Incident Management Plan

3) Critical Incident Communications Plan 

4) Resources Pack

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