Fear and Anxiety

Fear is an essential emotion to have. It is that psychological state or gut feeling that warns us of potential danger and activates our Fight or Flight response. Everyone has experienced fear, at one time or another, with symptoms such as a pounding heart, fearful thoughts, sweating etc. Fear becomes anxiety when the fear doesn’t subside or it exist when there is no harm present.

Families can be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families can be placed under much stress and strain, and family members feel isolated, frustrated or at a loss of what to do to maintain harmony in the home.

Family counselling can also assist in helping when siblings are not getting on, or when parents and children are going through a period of divorce or separation. Sometimes, divorce spouses may also hope to form a new family, and faces her/his own set of challenges.  It is important to seek professional counselling to work towards the goals of the family.

Family Counselling can help the whole family to communicate  and understand each other better. Sometimes, there might be also other issues that led family to approach counselling such as key changes in the family. In cases where there is a major change in the family, it can be difficult to learn to adapt leading to much frustration, loss or sense of depression. Counselling can help family members to learn to support each other better through these difficult times. As family issues occasionally stem from other strained relationships – in such a scenario, individuals within the family are free to seek help from counsellors separately before entering into family therapy.

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