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Counselling is a place to reconnect with and strengthen yourself. Are you struggling emotionally? Do you feel like something isn’t right but you could not pinpoint what it is?

Are you looking for someone to be able to discuss your concerns with outside of your usual support circle, a safe place to vent and be heard in confidence? Let us help you to take time out from your busy lifestyle to reflect upon where you are in life, evaluate your current goals, and identify your hopes for the future.

Counselling service at Lifeskills offers a safe place to explore challenging experiences, internal conflicts and to be empowered to be yourself. Both short-term and ongoing counselling support for adults and adolescents is available and can focus on multiple life challenges.

We are here to work with you in identifying goals, resources and strengths to facilitate positive change and personal growth in your life. Similarly, our service facilitates you in your reflection on decisions to be made, opportunities for change and solutions to break through personal barriers.

What to expect in counselling?

  Ability to choose your topics and areas of discussion

  Being given the time and space to explore your experiences at your own pace

  To be treated with respect, care, and confidence

  In control of when to have a break or end Counselling at any time during or between sessions

  To clarify, raise any questions or concerns you may have

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