How To Involve Employees in an Employee Assistance Program
Dec 22, 2021

Incorporating a successful EAP into your business can have a transformative effect on the success of both a company and its employees. Providing your dedicated workers with confidential mental health care creates a happier workforce that’s more prone to productivity and profit.

Many employers want to help but are struggling with low numbers of workers making use of their EAP Perth. Issues like poor communication and a lack of trust tend to be core issues, but working with established EAP providers in Perth, like Lifeskills Australia, means having expert assistance close to hand to help ensure your EAPs success.

In recent studies from The Australian Resources and Energy Group (AMMA), it has been found that the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the resources industry more heavily, resulting in more frequent binge drinking and increased reports of sleep issues.

The following guide outlines how to involve employees, and key areas to focus on.

Establish Trust

Trust is absolutely crucial when establishing an EAP, as employees need to feel reassured any service they use is completely confidential. The thought of an employer knowing personal details about your life can be enough to put someone off looking for much-needed help.

It’s important to establish a clear lack of stigma around mental health and emphasise it as a medical issue rather than a character flaw. Showing employees you understand and care will help them accept this is a completely confidential service, run by an independent Lifeskills Australia EAP in Perth.

Emphasis on a Wide Range of Services

There can be an assumption the only service accessible via an EAP Perth is seeing a psychologist, but that’s far from the truth. Short-term counselling can be used to establish the core issue, after which referrals can be made to a wide range of assistance programs at Lifeskills Australia.

By clearly outlining each of the valuable options available to employees, they are more inclined to avail of a specific service suited to their needs. From fully confidential counselling phone access to in-person sessions, workers can benefit greatly from valuable assistance with coping mechanisms, dealing with grief, bullying, healthy eating, improved sleep and more.

Involve Line Managers

It can take up to 10 times for a person to take in and comprehend a new concept. So while a staff member may have seen something about Employee Assistance Programs at their work, it can take some reinforcement to get them to actually pick up the phone and ask for help.

Without all-important line managers encouraging employers to use their EAP, through clear communication and an understanding manner, it’s unlikely many employees would accept help on their own.

Acting as the go-between a company and its staff, line managers are the people most likely to notice if something is amiss and likely the first person an employee will speak to if there is an issue. Each team leader should be fully educated on dealing with employees’ professional and personal issues and how encouraging them to utilise an EAP can help them find an improved sense of well-being.

Leading EAP Providers in Perth

Lifeskills Australia are established providers of reliable and confidential EAP’s in Perth. Our extensive experience enables us to safely address and assist with a wide range of issues affecting Australian employees and their work performance, today.

To learn more about Lifeskills Australia Employee Assistance Programs, or how we can work with your private or corporate sector business, get in touch now.

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