The Mental Health Aid Training That Will Change Your Life
Nov 11, 2020

Mental health is as important to a person’s ongoing safety and wellbeing as their physical health.

The problem is, as it’s generally invisible, people don’t talk about their mental health—and often, don’t seek the vital help they need to get better.

One in five Australians face some form of mental illness in their lifetime. It’s a number that’s hard to ignore.

Physical first aid is widely acknowledged the world over, but what about mental health first aid? Spotting the signs of mental illness and understanding how to play an respectful yet proactive role in helping someone on their path to wellness is a vital skill—something that could change or even save a life.

What is mental health first aid training (MHFA)?

MHFA training covers a range of practical tools and skills to help people identify the signs of mental health struggles and take action in a way that is safe, approachable, and respectful.

MHFA is a comprehensively evaluated, evidence-based, skills development programme for everyone in the workplace or the community. It’s a course designed to break down the taboos surrounding mental health and give people the vital tools they need to make a positive difference.

At their core, MHFA courses cover:

  • Using mental health first aid to help others.
  • Encouraging someone to seek professional help for a mental health challenge.
  • Mental health first aid skills to help someone who is suicidal.

By taking an MHFA course, you will become a practical leader in the quest to a more open, less stigmatised society concerning mental illness—not only will you play a pivotal part in working towards a brighter, happier future but who knows? It could put you onto a rewarding career path.

MHFA courses with Life Skills

If you are interested in taking an MHFA course, we offer courses that will teach you all of the skills you need for success—you will also become fully-certified for three years.

Our workplace-based MHFA courses last for a total of 12 hours, split over two days and you will receive a full manual containing all of the essential information you will need for future reference.

Life Skills MHFA courses are insightful, inspirational, comprehensive, and will show you how to:

  • Know the vital signs of mental illness or struggle in a range of situations and contexts.
  • Understand how to approach someone and help them on their journey.
  • Know what not to do when approaching someone with a mental illness.
  • Understand a host of important insights surrounding mental health and mental illness.
  • Know how to encourage someone to get help and tell them how or where to get it.

This level of practical mental heath aid training can, and will, change your life.

As the only EAP provider to have been trained in Critical Incident Response by the Head of Trauma of Notre Dame & Head of Psychology in the WA Police Force, we have the experience and the expertise to give you the vital training you need.

If you’re interested in taking a workplace MFHA course, we will be more than happy to help. Call us on 1800 870 080 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get the ball rolling.


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