Lee Pagana
Perth Metro
Director of Lifeskills Australia, Counsellor, Facilitator & Mental Health First Aid Instructor


Lee is the founder and director of Lifeskills Australia, she is a counsellor, facilitator, coach and Critical Incident Response Team Leader.

Lee is renowned for her openness and down to earth approach, she has exceptional active listening skills, giving her clients undivided attention and keeping the focus on them. Her interactions start with a clear purpose and identification of goals. She understands the mechanics of success, the specific thinking and behaviours that produce it. She constructively challenges her clients without impacting the relationship.

Lee holds her clients to account which is one of the most powerful aspects of her and counselling and coaching style. She allows her clients to explore different perspectives, is encouraging and supportive, always keeping the client motivated. Lee helps her clients to see the bigger picture and most importantly, what part they play in the trajectory of their life. She is passionate about her one-on-one counselling work and is committed to continued professional development to provide the research and evidence-based therapies for her clients.

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