Tracey Hewson
Perth Metro


B. Counselling

Tracy is experienced in supporting people of all ages, from diverse backgrounds and through different stages of life with a warm, engaging and collaborative approach. While many of life’s challenges may be universal, each client is an individual with their own unique strengths and resources. Using an integrative approach, Tracy works with clients to identify and enhance existing strengths and resources, assisting them to cope with the challenges they face currently and going forward.

With a particular interest in adult ADHD and co-occurring issues of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, emotional dysregulation, impulsivity and substance misuse, Tracy’s focus is on increasing client self-awareness and self-compassion. Supporting a client’s deeper understanding and acceptance of why they think and behave the way they do, leads to an awareness of what they need to be productive in the workplace, to achieve their goals, to maintain healthy relationships and attain optimal mental health and wellbeing.

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