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For fear & anxiety issues, our team provides fear & anxiety counselling in Perth & Australia Wide. Call 📞1800 870 080 to get advice from our qualified counselors.

Whilst it is normal to have occasional feelings of fear and anxiety, nobody should have to live with unrelenting feelings of worry, panic attacks and phobias.

Why Do People Have Fear and Anxiety?

Fear and anxiety are physiological responses to certain situations. They can be a warning sign from the body to stay alert, which is why many of us are fearful of heights, spiders, needles and more! They are natural, survival-based responses that can aid us in certain situations, but when the feelings are intense, excessive and persistent, they are no longer helpful in our lives and might be labelled a disorder.

Distinguishing Between Anxiety & Fear

Anxiety and fear are psychological, physiological and behavioural responses to events that have been interpreted as threatening to either the survival or well-being of an individual. They may be actual or potential threats.

The fear response is an intense emotional response to a danger that threatens the survival of an individual. Examples include robberies, being held at gunpoint, being around a falling object or dangerous animal, and others. In these situations, the ‘fight or flight’ response may be activated, which increases physiological arousal to help the individual fight the threat or flee from danger. Emotionally, the individual may feel uneasy, scared and concerned.

Anxiety, however, is more subjective. It is an emotional response to a perceived danger in the environment, which may be unknown. Unlike the fear response, there is no immediate threat that endangers the survival of a person. It is rather the anticipation of a possible threat, and as such can be seen as searching for potential dangers.

Anxiety also goes hand in hand with worrying. Whether that involves coming up with hypothetical situations, obsessing about previous things you’ve said or convincing yourself that others secretly dislike you, undue worrying can have a strong negative impact on everyday life.

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How Do Your Emotions Control Your Everyday Life and Performance?

It is normal to experience small amounts of anxiety and fear, especially when faced with imminent threats. However, constant and disproportionate amounts of anxiety can interfere with daily activities. You may withdraw from others, avoid situations that you believe will cause stress, and feel less satisfied with your life in general.

Instead of allowing your emotions to control your everyday life, it is important to exercise control over them instead. You don’t have to live with anxiety and fear – therapy can help. Anxiety therapy can uncover the underlying causes of anxieties and fear. It can look at the situation in a different light and develop useful coping mechanisms that can help alleviate the responses.

Fear and Anxiety Counselling With Lifeskills Australia

Looking for fear and anxiety counselling experts near you? We can help. We have qualified, skilled and highly experienced psychologists and counselling experts ready to help you anywhere you are in Australia.

Experiencing some amounts of anxiety and fear is normal, but you don’t have to live with it every day. If fear and anxiety are affecting your life, there is help available.

Lifeskills Australia offers fear and anxiety counselling, so if you’d like to feel better and start your journey of recovery, contact us on 1800 870 080 today.

Why Choose Lifeskills Australia?

Qualified & Certified
Lifeskills Australia is a team of skilled and certified psychologists and counselling experts working with private & corporate sectors in Australia.
We are focused on helping our clients achieve a positive work-life balance. We guarantee we can help you deal with challenging situations that often seem overwhelming.
Wide Range of Services
We work with our clients as individuals, couples, families and groups, and we offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for corporations & businesses nation-wide.
Highly Experienced
Lifeskills' highly-experienced team use a wide range of evidence-based practices that are also tested and proven processes tailored to the individual needs of our clients.
We Genuinely Care
At Lifeskills Australia, we genuinely care. Anyone who struggles with life's challenges can get help from our top-rated psychologists and counselling experts, anytime, anywhere.
Fully Registered
Our counsellors, psychologists, career advisors/mentors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, sexologists and Clinical Social Workers are fully registered. Each of them meets high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development.


I walked out of Lifeskills feeling…

“I was taught some great behavioural skills, coping skills and learned about myself and why I behave the way I do”

E.P 52

“Equipped with tools to face challenges that will come. I feel connected to myself, my partner and my children”

L.H 32
Professional Boxer

“ Clearer about decisions and changes I need to make to move forward and face the next chapter ”


M.B 45

“Confident, excited, lighter. I feel like I can breathe again”

S.C 27

“Ready to get back into it and stand in me again. Stronger, lighter, empowered!”


N.H 37

“ Revitalised and with a deeper view on the next chapter of life and career. ”


C.H 39
Business Owner

“ Ready to address the next chapter with confidence. ”

E.R 48

“ I have a better understanding of why I am the way I am and that to have a healthy relationship I need to first take care of myself. ”

J.H 27

“ Accomplished, ready to get on with my life in a cleaner more honest way. ”


S.P 30
Sales Adviser

“ I have purpose – and control of my life. ”

K.V 45

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