10 Reasons Successful People Need Counselling Or Therapy
May 19, 2021

The general consensus is that when you are successful, you don’t need therapy. After all, therapy is simply for those who are in dire and obvious need of help, right?

Wrong. The fact is that everybody can benefit from therapy, as it is a means of finding out more information about yourself and of improving. And there is certainly no upper limit on improvement.

The following are 10 reasons successful people need either counselling or therapy to move forward.

#1 – To Reduce Stress

Successful people have the most obligations. They need to maintain their success as it is intimately tied in with their well being. This can create immense pressure on the individual as they believe they have to succeed at all costs and maintain the standard. For some, the stress can be overwhelming.

With counselling or therapy, the successful individual can figure out ways to reduce stress and anxiety in order to enjoy life, without putting so much pressure on themselves. Enjoying life and achieving goals are not the same thing. This is one of the most common misconceptions of modern society.

#2 – To Maintain The Success

All of the world’s most successful people point out that getting to the top is only the beginning, and then skills need to be developed to maintain the existing levels of success. This is especially true in terms of wealth, with so many financial affairs to be managed and maintained. People need time to adapt to their success with new models of behaviour, and therapy/counselling can assist with this.

#3 – To Clarify Expectations

Many people succeed due to misplaced expectations. They might start off poor, and view riches as key to happiness. They might have been bullied, and win martial arts competitions to kill their demons. But when all of their perceived problems have been removed, they still find that they have not achieved internal happiness. It happens all the time – people get what they want, but are by no means more satisfied.

Counselling and therapy can help the individual to clarify expectations and re-evaluate their life perspective. Simple changes in mindset can actually be more rewarding than achieving a huge goal. If you have the wrong goals, you can spend a lot of effort attaining something that is of no value.

#4 – To Alleviate Typical Problems

You can be extremely successful in terms of your business and financial life while having a drug problem, being a victim of domestic abuse, or having a marriage that is falling apart. A skilled therapist will understand exactly how to deal with these problems so they don’t spill into the successful parts of your life. Life is not divided into people who are 100% successful and 100% failures. There are shades of grey that need to be addressed for both successful and ‘non-successful’ individuals.

#5 – To Increase Motivation

There is always another level to take it to. Counselling and therapy are not simply about the removal or alleviation of existing issues. They are there to enable people to reach their highest potential, whatever that may be. Generally, people are either moving forward or backward. And if a successful person takes his/her foot off the gas, they can easily slide backwards – rapidly. If you have already hit your targets, then you will need to select new ones. A counsellor or therapist can help you to figure out what your new targets will be. This way, a successful person can remain motivated.

#6 – To Allow For Conversation

One of the biggest advantages of therapy and counselling is very simple and obvious, but quite profound. People need to communicate freely. Therapy and counselling are pretty much the only areas where you are free to be yourself. Successful people often put on an act or show to maintain a ‘facade’, so they can ‘fake it until they make it’. They are only truly free to be themselves when talking to a therapist. Sadly, some people cannot even be themselves completely when it comes to their immediate family. In private sessions, they can talk about things that cannot be talked about with other people. This is a huge stress reliever and puts the individual at ease.

#7 – To Grow in Unexpected Ways

Therapy and counselling allows for evaluation of the person in unexpected ways. It opens up new avenues that will not be apparent to the successful individual. It is so easy to get stuck in old ways and behaviours, to grow confident in the current mould. While certain beliefs and behavioural patterns might have served you well at a certain stage, they can become binding and constricting if the successful person does not evolve past them.

#8 – To Uncover The Drives Behind Their Success

In many situations, people will achieve success due to internal pain. They might feel that outward success will cover up past trauma. Therapy and counselling can help successful people to pinpoint the drive and underlying motivation behind their success. It can also help them to alleviate pain hidden in their past so they can move forward more smoothly.

#9 – To Understand Who They Are

As the ancient proverb dictates – ‘Man, know thyself’. Knowing who you are and what makes you tick is intrinsic to happiness. It can uncover subconscious programming and old beliefs that have no validity, all with the help of a friendly psychologist. This is a lot more difficult to do on your own. But a person trained to do this is a wonderful help.

#10 – To Detach From Success

Therapy and counselling can help people to understand that their intrinsic value as a human being is not connected to their net worth. There are many metrics to gauge success, and people should not be forced to maintain high societal standards in order to be accepted by others. It is a poor foundation to build a life upon and they need a reprieve.

If you are suffering from too much success or want to take your success to the next level, get in touch. Lifeskills Australia offers counselling from certified, qualified, friendly counsellors that you can trust.

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