Lifeskills Seminar

The Lifeskills Seminar will unlock the real power of listening to help you know how to respond and NOT react to difficult situations.

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It takes courage to ‘draw the line.’ It means that you know it’s time to take responsibility and look towards the future. It means you’re thinking about what’s possible for you.

Drawing the line means that you move away from laying blame and continuously justifying your actions – or lack of them. You move away from hiding behind excuses.

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Ask the Question

Making this shift on your own won’t be easy. It will raise questions for you. Questions like:

  • Why do I feel the way I do?
  • Why can dealing with some people leave me feeling anxious, frustrated or inept?
  • Why can’t I understand the way I behave?
  • Why is my life like groundhog day?

Real Power

Unlock the real power of being heard.

  • Do you feel frustration when people ignore what you’ve said?
  • Do you wonder why no one listens when you talk?
  • Do you feel as if you’re invisible?
  • Are you communicating like a child or like an adult?

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On Completion

By the time you have successfully completed a Lifeskills Seminar you will:

Have more answers than questions.

Be able to recognise destructive patterns of behaviour in yourself and others.

Know how to respond, NOT react to difficult situations.

Understand where you have been and why you are the person you are.

See where you are now and have a clearer vision of where you want to be.

Be more resilient to anxiety, stress and unnecessary heartache.

Be well on your way to reaching your full potential and living the life you deserve.

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Seminar Dates for 2024

  • 23rd and 24th March
  • 22nd and 23rd June
  • 28th and 29th September
  • 16th and 17th November

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