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Lifeskills Australia is a team of registered & qualified counsellors & psychologists committed to help Australians achieve positive work-life balance

Lee Pagana

Director of Lifeskills Centre, Counsellor, Lifeskills Seminar Facilitator


  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • EAP Counselling
  • FIFO Counselling
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Personal Development Seminars- Couples, Individuals, Communication, Mental Health Awareness and many more.


  • ACA-Australian Counselling Association
  • PCWA- Professional Counselling of Western Australia
  • CBT Australia- Cognitive Behavioral Therapist of Australia
  • EAPAA- Employment Assistant Program Association of Australia
  • MHFA- Mental Health First Aid Instructor in the following courses:
    1. The Standard Mental Health First Aid
    2. Mental Health First Aid Refresher
    3. Blended Workplace F2F
    4. On line Workplace

Personal Information

After a turbulent beginning to my marriage, my husband and I started counselling and attended an intensive personal development seminar. This was a turning point in my life and when I decided to become a Counsellor. That was 30 years ago and today I am a registered Counsellor with many affiliations renowned for my openness and down to earth approach. Our marriage remains strong and we have not looked back.

I was the Founder of the “Desana Whole Health Clinic” in Wembley, Perth.

Desana was a Health Centre based on a holistic approach to health that brought together health practitioners such as GP’s-General Practitioners, Counsellors, Psychologists, Naturopaths and Herbalists. Desana also had treatment rooms for Collation and Ozone therapy.

I developed and co-facilitate the Lifeskills Seminar – an intensive program run over 4 days, every 6 weeks and have done so for over 25 years. The seminar has helped thousands of individuals and couples to take control of their lives and achieve a balance that they once thought they could not achieve. As the Lifeskills Australia director I was invited to facilitate in FMG Wellness Conferences 2012 to 2014 and I regularly attend conferences, run workshops and programs. Much of my time is taken up traveling to mine sites and handling critical incidents and other emergency situations but I still like to see clients for one on one counselling. I am also committed to continued professional development in order to deliver the best research-based therapies to our clients.

Life Skills Australia is partnered with private clients, community groups, education institutions and businesses across an array of areas. We are often called upon to service regionally located companies in the mining and construction industry. We deliver high quality, person-centered therapy, programs and workshops to employees, management and our community.

Denny Byrne


  • Diploma of Teaching (1972)
  • Bachelor of Education (major in Psychology, 1981)
  • Master of Social Work (Clinical Treatment: 1986)
  • Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy (1988)
  • National Certificate in Group Psychotherapy, Sociodrama, Psychodrama and Sociatry (USA: 1991)
  • National Certificate in Group Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Sociadrama and Sociatry (Australia: 1997)

Specialised training in relationship therapy, family therapy, play therapy, working with youth, grief and loss, disabilities, parenting, attachment, addictions, physical and sexual abuse, rage and anger, conflict resolution, mediation, communication skills, solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, Metaphysical/spiritual therapy including the law of attraction, mindfulness and meditation.

Personal Information

After ten years as a teacher and thirty-six years as a Social Worker, in various government, family support, private and corporate agencies, she still has a love for individual, couple, family and group therapy.

Denny has worked with a wide range of identified problems, a range of mental health illnesses, developmental issues, disabilities and the various transitional adjustments and communication problems which people experience, just in the course of a normal life. More and more now we are seeing quite complex trauma. This can either be in the realm of post traumatic stress or the chronic stress of dealing with a dysfunctional family, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, addiction and general difficulty in managing one’s mental health in a stressful world.

Denny reports a strong belief in kindness, sense of humour and never forgetting that we don’t fully understand the full context of what a person is living in, in that very moment. We will just do our best. Compassion for our fellow human beings and living things is paramount.

Jay Chinnery

Psychologist: BPsych, GradDip (Sexology), MPsych (Professional)

Registered: Perth, Western Australia

Personal Information

Jay is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. He has worked as a psychologist, counsellor and psychotherapist in a number of private and not-for-profit roles. He is experienced providing EAP Counselling, corporate coaching, psychotherapy, sexual therapy, and responding to and managing critical incidents. He has studied psychology and sexology, and has a keen interest helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse to re-build rich, meaningful and rewarding lives.

Joen Choi

Counsellor, Facillitator and Certified Hypnotherapist BA(Psych)(Hons), MCouns

Joen is an engaging and supportive counsellor who offers professional and confident services to her clients, ensuring they feel safe and heard during their counselling experience with her. She uses person-centered approach, together with hypnotherapy techniques to effectively help her clients worked through a wide range of difficult situations, from emotional well-being to any addictions and habit management. Joen passionately believes that with good mental health , any individual will be able to build resilience and find their inner strength to reach their full potential. Fluent in English and Chinese languages, Joen works with a culturaly-diverse clientele of youths, adults, and couples.

Darryl Shirt


  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling 2019
  • Advanced Diploma of Counselling and Family Therapy 2017
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Science – teacher librarianship 1999
  • Graduate Diploma of Primary Teaching 1980

After completing 34 years as a primary teacher and Librarian in a range of school settings in NSW and here in WA in the Goldfields, Coolgardie, I commenced training as a counsellor in 2015 completing in 2019. My shift to counselling was driven by a strong desire to make a difference especially for families experiencing a range of grief, loss trauma related and relational issues. My clients have ranged in age and included issues of : sexuality, Relationships-couples-family, Trauma- grief and loss and teenage issues of family relationships, Anxiety and Depression.

On a wider level I am a moderately keen gardener, cyclist and involved in leadership and Ministry for over 40 plus years in church communities here in WA and NSW.

Frank Jacobsen

Counseller and Director of Regional Counselling Services


  • Peer support and Pastoral care
  • EAP Counselling
  • FIFO Counselling
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Personal Development Seminars- Couples, Individuals, Communication, Mental Health Awareness


  • ACA-Australian Counselling Association
  • Australian Chaplaincy
  • CBT Australia- Cognitive Behavioral Therapist of Australia
  • MHFA- Mental Health First Aid Instructor in the following courses:
    1. The Standard Mental Health First Aid
    2. Mental Health First Aid Refresher
    3. Blended Community F2F
    4. Blended Workplace F2F
    5. On-line Community and Workplace

Personal Information

Diploma of Counselling 2017

Cert IV in Mental Health WAPHA 2018

Cert Business Studies 1987

Frank is a country boy at heart, born and bred in the WA Wheatbelt. He started facilitating programs in 2003 to help families, and a Founding Director of the Family Centre in Kalgoorlie (2000). Frank is also the W.A. Health Departments Mental Health Advocate for Kalgoorlie, a Counsellor with Lifeskills Australia and a volunteer with the Red Cross in Psychological First Aid. He has been providing peer support in the mining industry for the past 5 years, assisting Mining companies by building relationships with their employees and helping develope their Lifeskills and resilience, this includes conducting toolbox talks, Mental Health Presentations and on-site self-development workshops.

Why Choose Lifeskills Australia?

Qualified & Certified
Lifeskills Australia is a team of skilled and certified psychologists and counselling experts working with private & corporate sectors in Australia.
We are focused on helping our clients achieve a positive work-life balance. We guarantee we can help you deal with challenging situations that often seem overwhelming.
Wide Range of Services
We work with our clients as individuals, couples, families and groups, and we offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for corporations & businesses nation-wide.
Highly Experienced
Lifeskills' highly-experienced team use a wide range of evidence-based practices that are also tested and proven processes tailored to the individual needs of our clients.
We Genuinely Care
At Lifeskills Australia, we genuinely care. Anyone who struggles with life's challenges can get help from our top-rated psychologists and counselling experts, anytime, anywhere.
Fully Registered
Our counsellors, psychologists, career advisors/mentors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, sexologists and Clinical Social Workers are fully registered. Each of them meets high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development.


I walked out of Lifeskills feeling…

“I was taught some great behavioural skills, coping skills and learned about myself and why I behave the way I do”

E.P 52


“Equipped with tools to face challenges that will come. I feel connected to myself, my partner and my children”

L.H 32

Professional Boxer

“ Clearer about decisions and changes I need to make to move forward and face the next chapter ”


M.B 45


“Confident, excited, lighter. I feel like I can breathe again”

S.C 27


“Ready to get back into it and stand in me again. Stronger, lighter, empowered!”


N.H 37


“ Revitalised and with a deeper view on the next chapter of life and career. ”


C.H 39

Business Owner

“ Ready to address the next chapter with confidence. ”

E.R 48


“ I have a better understanding of why I am the way I am and that to have a healthy relationship I need to first take care of myself. ”

J.H 27


“ Accomplished, ready to get on with my life in a cleaner more honest way. ”


S.P 30

Sales Adviser

“ I have purpose – and control of my life. ”

K.V 45


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