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The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in Perth & Wider Australia

Our EAP Program is designed to help Australian businesses and families achieve long-term and meaningful success in all aspects of living. Providing this kind of assistance to employees is a great way to increase their quality of life and your business efficiency. Both parties will profit.

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EAP Perth & Australia Wide

We're the ONLY EAP provider to have been trained in Critical Incident Response by the Head of Trauma of Notre Dame & Head of Psychology in the WA Police Force.

What is an EAP Program?

An Employment Assistance Program (EAP) is a highly confidential counselling service provided by employers to their employees to ensure they obtain work-life balance.

The service is designed to support the well-being of your employees – because when your team is suffering through challenges at home, your business suffers too. The program is facilitated by registered psychologists who are experienced in the promotion of health and wellbeing for employees.

Employers may extend the counselling to the employee’s family members – depending on the arrangement, with the goal of creating harmonious conditions at home to support optimal productivity and efficiency at work.

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What are the benefits of an EAP Program?

In simple terms, the Employee Assistance Program is a support tool for your employees and (in certain cases) their families.

As a confidential counselling service, your EAP helps your team overcome challenges in their personal life that may impact their workplace motivation, performance, and morale. While anxiety, financial challenges, or relationship stress may begin at home, they walk through the front door and into your organisation each day unless treated.

At Lifeskills Australia our EAP programs help your business by:

✔️ Creating Happier Employees
✔️ Creating Healthy & Fit Employees
✔️ Increasing Employee Productivity
✔️ Enhancing Work Efficiency
✔️ Boosting Employee Morale & Well Being
✔️ Minimising Absenteeism & Sick Leave
✔️ Helping Achieve Greater Employee Retention

How to know if your employee requires an Employee Assistance Program?

Your employee may benefit from such a program if you recognise any of the following signs:

1. They are constantly dealing with workplace conflict

2. They are going through work-life balance issues

3. They are facing constant interpersonal issues

4. There is substance abuse

5. They are discriminating, harassing, or bullying others

6. They are experiencing marital, family, or personal issues

7. They are dealing with grief or loss

8. They are experiencing anxiety due to organisational change or end of the contract

What are some of the benefits of an Employee Assistance Program to my Perth business?

Access to a safe, non-judgemental and confidential counselling service provides Perth employees with the support they need to work through their personal issues.

90% of Australian employees believe mental health is an important issue for businesses but only 50% believe their workplace is mentally healthy. Your Perth business may be suffering as a result of employee mental health concerns without you knowing, making an EAP program and ongoing mental health awareness crucial.

At Lifeskills Australia we help Perth businesses grow with EAP programs that:

✔️ Enhance the overall culture of your workplace
✔️ Reduce employee absenteeism (which helps increase business revenue)
✔️ Enhance employee performance and productivity
✔️ Stimulate long term growth and success

Contact Lifeskills Australia on 1800 870 080 if you require EAP Training in your workplace in WA, NSW, NT, SA, VIC, or QLD.

Does Lifeskills Australia offer Employee Assistance Programs in Sydney?

Lifeskills Australia is proud to offer these programs in Sydney and Australia-wide. As well as offering EAP services in Sydney, we are a national provider dedicated to supporting you and your team in the following locations:

Western Australia

  • Perth
  • Broome
  • Busselton
  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Port Hedland


  • Canberra

New South Wales

  • Newcastle
  • Wagga Wagga
  • Sydney

Northern Territory

  • Alice Springs
  • Darwin


  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Mount Isa
  • Sunshine Coast


  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo
  • Melbourne

South Australia

  • Adelaide
  • Port Lincoln

What are some of the common employee issues an EAP can address?

Lifeskills Australia’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is focused on bringing problems down, so productivity can go up. Think of it as a multi-vitamin for your employees – a proactive solution that helps keep both your physical and mental health balanced.

Common employee issues we support include:

– Substance abuse
– Absenteeism
– Personal, marital, interpersonal, and relationship conflicts
– Family issues
– Anxiety
– Loss, grief, and depression
– Wellness
– And many more

Reach out on 1800 870 080 if you need more info about our Employee Assistance Programs in Perth or Australia-wide.

Is the Employment Assistance Program 100% Confidential?

Confidentiality policies within the Australian Counselling Association mandate that all appointments made through your EAP program should be strictly confidential. As an EAP provider, we never disclose any confidential information to anyone. This ensures your staff feels safe sharing their thoughts and concerns, without fear of information being leaked to management.

What should you look for when hiring an EAP provider?

1. Qualifications – Is your EAP provider qualified, registered, and certified?

2. Experience – Find out the number of years your EAP provider has been in the industry.

3. Skills & Training – Are they skilled or trained to meet the needs of your organisation?

4. Areas Covered – What are the areas that your EAP provider covers?

5. Testimonials – Does your EAP provider have testimonial videos of their EAP attendees?

Who are Lifeskills Australia’s Partners in EAP?

Some of Our EAP Partners include: ✔️WIA ✔️White Springs ✔️Tru Blu Beverages ✔️Rock on Ground ✔️Premium Mining ✔️Karridale Group ✔️ Many More

Lifeskills Australia is proud to provide EAP services for the following businesses Australia-wide.

Amanda Energy

Amanda Energy is a forward-thinking energy supplier that shows you the power moves to make real savings. Amanda Energy’s expert 360 degree analysis combined with Perth’s widest product range relentlessly optimises your business energy consumption.

Argonaut Marine Group

Argonaut Marine Group provides marine pilots, specialised personnel, and port services to the Australian maritime industry. Argonaut Marine has a proactive approach to innovation and productivity in port operations.

Be Media

Be Media was founded with the purpose to empower business to achieve growth and success through digital marketing and online strategy. They have offices in Perth, Melbourne & Sydney.

Billabong Gold

The Plutonic Gold mine is one of the largest gold mines in Western Australia. The Plutonic Gold Mine is a gold mine located 82 km east north east of Peak Hill, Western Australia.

Black Mountain Metals

Black Mountain Metals is fueling the electric revolution. Providing sustainable and ethical sourcing of mining practices, Black Mountain Metals focuses on low environment impact opportunities.

Bostech Drilling

Bostech Drilling is an Australian company specialising in grade control and exploration geochemical drilling. Bostech is Australian wide, contracting to some of Australia’s leading Mining companies.

Cable Layers Australia

Cable Layers Australia is a civil construction company specialising in excavation and directional drilling services to the power, communications and civil work industries in Western Australia.

City of Belmont

The City of Belmont is a vibrant community in the inner eastern suburbs of Perth. The City of Belmont offers a wide range of services to their residents and ratepayers, by providing access to services that can assist you to stay informed, protect and improve your local environment and ensure that you are acting within your rights.

Diesel & Dirt

Diesel & Dirt Contracting is a Mining and Construction Hub, supplying specialised labour hire, FIFO and DIDO, field service vehicle’s and component rebuilds to the mining and construction industries throughout Australia for the past 9 years.

Bostech Drilling

With their technology driven solutions, Dreamscape Networks are helping millions of customers globally to establish, build, maintain and grow their online presence.

EMR Golden Grove

EMR Golden Grove is a base and precious metals mine located in Western Australia. The Golden Grove Mine has seen 27 years of continuous production with over 10 years of mine life in Reserve.

Goldfields Revitalise

Tanya and her team of therapists have been providing services to the Goldfields for over 8 years with specialist services in Remedial Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage (and garments), Oncology Massage, Orofacial Myology, Maternity and Yoni (Fertility) Massage and our new Mineral Analysis testing.

Groundbreaking Mining & Solutions

GMS are industry Drill Rig specialists providing Parts sales and specialised labour to the Mining industry.

Haztech Solutions

HazTech Solutions was founded in 2016 and is a 100% independently owned and operated organisation with offices across the Asia-pacific region.

Italian Village Fremantle

The Italian Village Fremantle was founded in 1993 in White Gum Valley, Western Australia. The Italian Village is designed and staffed to meet the specialised needs of residents living with dementia.

Joseph Banks

The Joseph Banks Aged Care Facility is located in Canning Vale Perth. It is a fully accredited residential home owned and operated by Retirees WA.

JWH Group

An entirely Western Australian, family-owned organisation, JWH Group Pty Ltd is a composite group of building companies.

Karridale Group

Karridale Group is a trusted Western Australian Construction and Maintenance Contractor servicing the mining, energy and infrastructure industries.

KCA Site Services

KCA Site Services provide Mining, Civil and Construction Services tailored to the unique requirements of your business, and the best solutions to your needs.


Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines Pty Ltd (KCGM) is the management company of the Kalgoorlie Operations for Joint Venture Owners Northern Star Resources Limited and Saracen Mineral Holdings Limited.


Lifeplan has provided uniquely customer-driven supports to individuals and families living with physical, sensory, psychosocial, neurological, cognitive and intellectual disability since 1999.

Mackerel Island

The Mackerel Island is a coastal expression of the Pilbara’s untamed beauty and an uncharted holiday destination along the beautiful coast of Western Australia.

Meenangu Wajarri Aboriginal Corporation

MWAC is a registered Public Benevolent Institution (charity) and membership-based association. It receives monies through the Murchison Radio Observatory Indigenous Land Use Agreement as well as more recent mining agreements.

Minex CRC

MinEx CRC is the world’s largest mineral exploration collaboration bringing together Industry, Government and Research Organisations

Nardine Wimmins Refuge

Nardine Wimmin’s Refuge was established in 1974 and is the oldest, still operating, women’s refuge in Western Australia. Nardine has a proud history as a feminist organisation, providing temporary accommodation and other support to women and children experiencing family and domestic violence.

Nexus Group AU PTY LTD

Nexus is based in Perth Australia with operations in Kazakhstan. Nexus offers a comprehensive range of construction, commissioning and completion management solutions for the integration of new technologies and infrastructure.

NMT Global Project Logistics

NMT Global Project Logistics is a global logistics provider for companies requiring transport of heavy lift, project-related and oversized cargoes with a hands-on approach.

Northern Star Resources Limited

Northern Star Resources Limited is a global-scale Australian gold producer with Tier-1 world-class projects located in highly prospective and low sovereign risk regions of Australia and North America.

Perseverance Drilling

Perseverance Drilling is underground drilling specialists, an Australian owned and operated drilling company, contracting to the underground mining industry.

PPS Servicing

PPS Servicing has proven experience and capabilities in mining industry with maintenance, construction, engineering design, fabrication and installation.

Premium Mining

Premium Mining specialise in providing quality labour hire, permanent placement services, and mining equipment hire (wet or dry) to the mining industry.

Rock on Ground

A privately owned and blasting contractor, Rock on Ground provides production drilling, blasting, explosives supply and RC grade drilling services for open pit mining operations in Australia.


Saracen is a gold mining company situated in Western Australia. Saracen’s production comes from two WA projects, Carosue Dam Operation and its Thunderbox Operation situated in Kalgoorlie.

Specialised Welding Australia

Specialised Welding Australia carries out design and Fabrication of all types of process equipment for the resources industries in Oil and Gas, Petrochemical and Mining sectors.

Swan Taxis

Swan Taxi’s is based in Perth, Western Australia. It provides a vehicle for hire with a driver and is used by a single passenger or small group of passengers.

The Orthodontist

In the year 2000 ‘The Orthodontist’ was established and has since evolved to 5 locations in and around Adelaide. Although the practice has grown, one thing remains the same – to help people get the smile they’ve always wanted.

The Perth Mint Australia

The Perth Mint is Australia’s largest fully integrated, innovative precious metals enterprise, providing premium gold, silver and platinum products and service to markets throughout the world.

Town of Victoria Park

The Town of Victoria Park is a legislative government body that governs Victoria Park. The Town of Victoria Park is responsible for providing local services and facilities to the local area.

Tru Blu Beverages

Tru Blu Beverages is a proudly Australian-owned company that manufactures and markets non-alcoholic and non-dairy beverages.

United Aero Helicopters

United Aero Helicopters was formed by Jim Norrie and Sam Borg with the aim of providing a first class helicopter service specialising in the fields of fire fighting and remote area utility support.

Welding Institute of Australia

Welding Institute of Australia (WIA) delivers premium quality welding solutions Australia wide.

White Springs

White Springs provide meaningful long term employment and training for Aboriginal people in the Mining industry and services across Western Australia.

Wilmot Engineering

Wilmot Engineering commenced operation in February 1998 and has experienced significant growth in size and scope of operations since then.

More Info About EAP Program

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

An Employee Assistance Program is an employee benefit program, offered by employers to assist employees with personal problems and/or work-related problems that may impact their job performance, health, mental and emotional wellbeing.

How do I know if I am eligible for EAP?

You will be advised by your employer otherwise you can ask the company’s HR Manager. See our EAP program.

How many sessions do I get as an EAP?

This depends on the contract between your employer and the EAP Provider, it can be anywhere between 3 or 10 sessions per year. Contact us for more details.

Will my boss find out?

No. Everything discussed is strictly confidential. When appointment or payment information is sent out we use a number coding system instead of names. However, if your employee has asked you to see the EAP Provider, both parties must sign the Consent to Release Information Agreement and/or Appointment Disclosure Statement

Is the program mandatory for employers to implement?

The program is not actually mandatory, except for government departments. However, while not mandatory, it is certainly beneficial to have them at hand. All progressive and efficient companies will have some kind of infrastructure in place in order to ensure employees have high levels of mental health and well-being. It’s when they perform at their best. As the programs are facilitated by registered psychologists, the employees will benefit from the latest therapeutic modalities.

What are the benefits of using experienced and registered psychologists?

It’s best to work with a provider that has experience in the field and is fully qualified and registered. There are many ‘counselling’ services available. But some techniques have been proven to be more effective than others, and nothing beats a team of like-minded and qualified individuals working towards a common goal – overall employee wellbeing. Using personal and work-trained psychologists helps to identify problem areas more rapidly. Fewer sessions will be required.

How does the Employee Assistance Program work in practice?

It varies from company to company. This is to be expected as it recognises the diversity of local businesses. But there are still many commonalities. Typically, each employee that qualifies will attend between 3 – 6 sessions from personal and work trained psychologists. Companies are also starting to open up to new areas, such as nutrition, sleep, and relationship counselling. However, psychology remains the most common and effective service to promote overall health and wellbeing. Employees access the scheme by contacting the EAP provider directly, which helps to increase confidentiality, though in some companies the manager has to give a referral.

For more questions or queries in relation to what the EAP offers, contact Lifeskills Australia for a confidential conversation from qualified and registered psychologists – 1800 870 080.

National Service Provider

We are a national EAP service provider servicing:

National Service Provider

Why Choose Lifeskills Australia?

Qualified & Certified
Lifeskills Australia is a team of skilled and certified psychologists and counselling professionals working with private & corporate sectors in Australia.
We are focused on helping our clients achieve a positive work-life balance. We guarantee we can help you deal with challenging situations that often seem overwhelming.
Wide Range of Services
We work with our clients as individuals, couples, families and groups, and we offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services for corporations & businesses nation-wide.
Highly Experienced
Lifeskills' highly-experienced team use a wide range of evidence-based practices that are also tested and proven processes tailored to the individual needs of our clients.
We Genuinely Care
At Lifeskills Australia, we genuinely care. Anyone who struggles with life's challenges can get help from our top-rated psychologists and counselling professionals, anytime, anywhere.
Fully Registered
Our counsellors, psychologists, career advisors/mentors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, sexologists and Clinical Social Workers are fully registered. Each of them meets high standards in education, training, supervised practice, ethical and professional standards, and ongoing professional development.


I walked out of Lifeskills feeling…

“I was taught some great behavioural skills, coping skills and learned about myself and why I behave the way I do”

E.P 52


“Equipped with tools to face challenges that will come. I feel connected to myself, my partner and my children”

L.H 32

Professional Boxer

“ Clearer about decisions and changes I need to make to move forward and face the next chapter ”


M.B 45


“Confident, excited, lighter. I feel like I can breathe again”

S.C 27


“Ready to get back into it and stand in me again. Stronger, lighter, empowered!”


N.H 37


“ Revitalised and with a deeper view on the next chapter of life and career. ”


C.H 39

Business Owner

“ Ready to address the next chapter with confidence. ”

E.R 48


“ I have a better understanding of why I am the way I am and that to have a healthy relationship I need to first take care of myself. ”

J.H 27


“ Accomplished, ready to get on with my life in a cleaner more honest way. ”


S.P 30

Sales Adviser

“ I have purpose – and control of my life. ”

K.V 45


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