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FIFO Counselling and Health Management

Are you a Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) worker in Perth looking for experts in FIFO counselling? Lifeskills Australia’s qualified and trustworthy FIFO counsellors are available to help you establish a positive work/life balance.

The Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) lifestyle is lived by thousands of families across Perth. At Likeskills Australia we understand your role as a FIFO worker doesn’t just affect you – but has a significant impact on your family, friends and mental health.

We’re committed to helping you take advantage of the benefits that come with a FIFO lifestyle, without sacrificing the things, people and experiences that you treasure. While mental health and relationship pressures may occur, there is always a way to find balance and enjoy your FIFO life on your terms, surrounded by the care and support of the people you love.

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Supporting the health issues of FIFO workers

FIFO work is particularly popular in Western Australia and Queensland, where a number of large mines operate. FIFO work involves workers being flown into their worksite to work ‘swings’ of varying length, from one week to multiple months, before flying home again.

While some workers and families have adapted to this lifestyle, there will always be moments where FIFO work brings challenges. Our FIFO counselling is provided to minimise the mental health risks and wellbeing obstacles associated with FIFO employment.

At Lifeskills Australia we offer a team of registered psychologists, counsellors, and clinical social workers available to support your FIFO experience and create resilient family units. Our counselling services are designed to:

✔️ Enhance communication skills
✔️ Promote a loving relationship after each swing
✔️ Develop healthy conflict resolution strategies
✔️ Help establish time-management and activity planning
✔️ And much more designed to help you feel confident, excited and supported

Whether you’re feeling the stress that comes with being away from family, or struggling with mental health concerns over relationship barriers, we’re here to help.

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How FIFO Work affects your mental health

Remote work placements bring unique challenges that most industries don’t face.

For this reason, it can be tough to turn to friends and family for support when your FIFO job is impacting your mental health. As much as your loved ones want to help, it requires a trained FIFO counsellor to provide guidance and support to move forward.

Some of the difficulties caused by FIFO work include:

– Difficulty transitioning back to normal life at home
– Relationship stress due to time apart
– Feelings of loneliness or isolation
– Feelings of anxiety or depression
– Feelings of helplessness
– Feelings of resentment or distrust
– Exhaustion and fatigue
– Increased drug or alcohol abuse

Studies have shown mental health distress is more prevalent among FIFO workers than the general community as a result of social isolation, roster patterns and the strain on relationships. As a FIFO worker, we don’t need to be telling you the challenges you’re facing – you’re here to find solutions and at Lifeskills Australia we’re committed to guiding you and your family back towards optimal health and wellbeing.

Recognising this inherent strain of the work on the mental health of FIFO workers is the first step to ensuring FIFO workers and their families are receiving adequate support.

Why is mental health important as a FIFO worker?

As a remote placement worker in Perth your job doesn’t just affect you – you’re a FIFO family.

When we talk about taking care of your health and wellbeing, we don’t just refer to your physical health. Your mental health and wellbeing plays a huge factor in your overall health, as well as the strength of your relationships.

Experiencing mental health issues can lead to problems sleeping, negative thoughts and feelings, physical aches and pains, increased alcohol and substance abuse, mood swings and more. But life on the move makes it tough to access the mental health support you need to stop small problems spiralling into much larger problems.

If you’ve been fighting with your partner more often, feeling more irritable than usual, or dreading your next rotation with a knot in your stomach, these are the warning signs of impending health issues.

At Lifeskills Australia our FIFO mental health support aims to help you and your family work through the challenges of FIFO life to improve the mental health of all involved.

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Supporting FIFO workers and their families

As a FIFO worker you may be spending an extended period of time away from regular communication, whether on an offshore oil rig or remote mining site. As a result, it’s common for your partner to go through the same difficult feelings of isolation and anxiety you are.

Healthy relationships and families involve a shared sense of responsibility, respect, commitment and communication, among other factors. FIFO workers and their families may experience a strained relationship due to the absence of the FIFO worker in the everyday running of the household.

At Lifeskills Australia we treat FIFO counselling as a service that’s beneficial to you and your family. Your partner may be struggling with a full-time parenting role, feeling a lack of emotional support due to the distance, or finding it tough to adjust to being without you while you’re away.

Common challenges for FIFO partners include:

– Social isolation
– Lack of support
– Lack of assistance in caring for children and household
– Juggling work, home duties and children without physical support
– Missing their partner
– Loneliness and isolation
– Feeling overwhelmed
– Unsettled routine when the FIFO worker returns home

With FIFO work for females increasing in popularity, it’s common for the FIFO worker to leave the husband or partner at home; regardless of the gender roles, the challenges faced are the same.

With skilled support from local Perth FIFO counsellors, you can develop strategies to promote intimacy and emotional support during your time apart. We aim to empower you and your partner to address your mental health challenges openly and honestly, towards creating a tighter, more loving and more resilient relationship.

What steps to take next to support your FIFO lifestyle

Long hours ranging from 10 – 12 hours a day may be the norm as part of your shift work lifestyle, but struggling with mental health challenges alone is never your responsibility.

It’s not always easy to reach out for help, especially if there’s a culture on-site of “sucking it up”. Getting the support to help you manage your challenges, whether at work or at home with your family, can help you create the lifestyle you deserve. It IS possible to rekindle the connection you had with your partner, and enjoy the many benefits that the FIFO lifestyle brings.

Lifeskills Australia offers FIFO counselling that builds resilient FIFO workers and FIFO families. We don’t aim to remove the stress that comes with a FIFO lifestyle, but arm you with the tools you need to overcome each obstacle as it arises to maintain a happy, healthy life.

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Need help? We offer professional support to FIFO Perth Workers & Their Families. Give us a call on ?1800 870 080 to get advice.

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