Key Attributes Of A Mentally Healthy Workplace
Apr 3, 2020


Prioritising mental health

Provide mental health education for all levels of staff to raise awareness, increase understanding and encourage open discussion.

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Trusting, fair & respectful culture

Provide employees at all levels with skills to interact with honesty and respect with colleagues and customers, clients and the public.

Open & honest leadership

Employ effective leadership to give employees a sense of shared purpose in the goals of the organisation.

Good job design

Match job roles to people’s skills and abilities, ensure they are physically safe and offer working arrangements that suit employees.

Workload management

Set tasks that can be accomplished successfully in a reasonable time, using readily available resources.

Employee development

Offer an environment where employees have regular two-way feedback and are encouraged, acknowledged and rewarded.

Inclusion & influence

Arrange for employees to have control of the way they work and input to the important decisions of the organisation.

Work/Life balance

Recognise the importance of work/life balance and provide employees the opportunity to balance the demands of work, family and personal life.

Mental health support

Ensure that managers and staff are responsive to employees’ mental health conditions, regardless of cause and that adjustments to work and counselling support are available.


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