Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) are employee benefit programs

offered by many employers

For your business to succeed long term, you need a work culture that supports happy, healthy employees. 

Your employees are the backbone of your operations and your internal company culture has a significant impact on the way your brand does business.

When staff operate at optimal health – both mentally and physically – it not only benefits the employee and their productivity, it is incredibly beneficial to employers and the work environment as a whole.

In the modern era, how can employers support their employees in the workplace to seek help if needed?

What Is An Employee Assistance Program?

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) are offered by many employers, with the intention aim to help employees deal with personal problems that might adversely affect their job performance, health and well-being.

To support employees, EAPs generally include short-term counselling and referral services for employees and their household members to work through any problems or adversity they may be facing.

How Does It Work?


Many employees may delay or resist seeking help and support for issues because of the costs associated. As part of your workplace EAP, employees are offered a number of counselling sessions at no expense to the employee. 

EAP services may be redeemed via vouchers provided to the employee, or the EAP provider may invoice the company directly for any services used.


The Aim of EAP


Employee Assistance Programs aim to ensure that all Australian workers are supported with access to preventive and proactive interventions for the early detection, identification and/or resolution of both work and personal problems, which may adversely affect performance and wellbeing.

EAP services provide confidential and effective solution-focused counselling to employees and their families for a number of reasons.

Some reasons that employees are referred to EAP counselling include:

  • Dealing with workplace conflict
  • Work-life balance issues
  • Interpersonal issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Discrimination and harassment
  • Bullying
  • Marital, family and other personal issues
  • Dealing with loss and grief
  • Adjustment during times of organisational change, including redundancy/end of contract

Benefits to Employers


As an employer, it is important to recognise the significant role that employees make to the success of your business. By implementing an Employee Assistance Program, you are not only letting your employees know that you care for their wellbeing; you are also making changes to improve the overall culture in your workplace.

Encouraging employees to seek EAP counselling for their home or work-related problems can help to minimise the incidence of absenteeism and poor performance, which may usually account for a significant loss in revenue for your business.

EAP services can also reduce the effects of stress, anxiety and depression, which may normally impact the affected employee and their fellow work colleagues, and generally improve staff morale and productivity in the workplace.

Benefits to Employees


Employees and management within a company can all benefit from EAP services, such as counselling, as the services help employees to work through a number of work-related issues and issues from their home life, which may affect their work performance.

Employee Assistance Programs are also free to employees, which alleviates the added stress that may be associated with financial worries or hardship.



Due to strict Confidentially Policies within the Counselling Association all appointments made through an EAP are strictly confidential.

EAP Providers cannot disclose any information to the Employer. This is so any Employee seeking counselling does not feel they are potentially endangering their future within the organization.

Employees have access to our EAP hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no need to wait until they get to work or worry about calling from work during work hours.

Why Should you Choose LifeSkills Australia as your EAP Provider?


At LifeSkills Australia, we adhere to strict Confidentiality Policies to ensure that any EAP services provided to employees are entirely confidential.

Confidentiality is important to employees who may be seeking EAP counselling, as it gives them the peace of mind that any matters discussed during their session will not jeopardise their employment with the company.

Employees have access to our EAP services hotline, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there is no need to wait until they get to work or worry about calling from work during office hours. 

As employees across Australia struggle to find a work-life balance while managing any stress, health issues or mental health issues they may face, it makes sense from both a business and a personal point of view for employers to work with LifeSkills Australia to put an EAP in place to support their employees.


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I walked out of Lifeskills feeling…

“I was taught some great behavioural skills, coping skills and learned about myself and why I behave the way I do”

E.P 52


“Equipped with tools to face challenges that will come. I feel connected to myself, my partner and my children”

L.H 32

Professional Boxer

“ Clearer about decisions and changes I need to make to move forward and face the next chapter ”


M.B 45


“Confident, excited, lighter. I feel like I can breathe again”

S.C 27


“Ready to get back into it and stand in me again. Stronger, lighter, empowered!”


N.H 37


“ Revitalised and with a deeper view on the next chapter of life and career. ”


C.H 39

Business Owner

“ Ready to address the next chapter with confidence. ”

E.R 48


“ I have a better understanding of why I am the way I am and that to have a healthy relationship I need to first take care of myself. ”

J.H 27


“ Accomplished, ready to get on with my life in a cleaner more honest way. ”


S.P 30

Sales Adviser

“ I have purpose – and control of my life. ”

K.V 45


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