What is Hypnosis? A Better Understanding of Hypnotherapy
Aug 21, 2019

Hypnosis is actually a process of self-release

Many people have a certain understanding of Hypnosis from the film and television dramas. Some people even think that Hypnosis is a way for criminals to commit crimes. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of Hypnosis. What is the real Hypnosis? What role does it play? Today, mental health experts will lead everyone to understand Hypnosis.

Speaking of Hypnosis, there is always a feeling of being full of mystery and a little scared. People often associate hypnosis with being manipulated, arguing that the hypnotist can control others to do something that is counterintuitive. But in fact, hypnosis itself is not a special function, nor a divine power, it is not a witchcraft. It is just a technique, and more specifically it is a technique commonly used in psychotherapy.

Hypnosis is a hypnotist’s skillful induction (such as progressive relaxation, monotonous stimulation, concentrated attention, imagination, overload information import, etc.) to enable the hypnotized person to enter a special state of trance. In Hypnosis, the consciousness of the hypnotized person becomes weak and enters the subconscious state. Psychologists use hypnosis techniques to help visitors solve many psychological problems, such as insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, snoring, and many more.

Hypnosis plays an important role in psychotherapy, but the exaggeration of some film, television works and some irresponsible hypnotism performances have caused many people to misunderstand hypnosis and link hypnosis with malicious manipulation. Milton Eriksson, the originator of modern hypnosis, said: Under hypnosis, there is no behavior that people can’t do when they are awake. In other words, the behavior that occurs after being hypnotized is the behavior of the hypnotized person who wants to do it. It is only controlled by consciousness in the state of waking, which prevents these behaviors from happening. Hypnosis only gives the hypnotized person an excuse. Boldly do what the subconscious mind wants to do. So the hypnotized person is not irrational. On the contrary, the hypnotized person is more clear because more subconscious minds appear. They generally do not follow instructions that are inconsistent with their own values.

In fact, in life, everyone has a certain hypnosis skills, such as releasing personal stress or relieving pain, the human body will hypnotize yourself unconsciously. Therefore, hypnosis is not only a kind of psychological therapy, but also a little skill to release inner pressure.

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Hypnosis helps us to lift restrictive beliefs


Hypnosis is actually very similar with meditation, both seeks to create a state of mental relaxation. The biggest difference between them is that according to Milton Erickson, hypnosis is a “customised” therapy, while Meditation is a form of deep reflection practice by yourself or with a group.

Hypnosis has a similar process. Hypnosis is the communication between consciousness and subconsciousness. Therefore, according to Erickson, hypnosis is “customised” as therapeutic process differs for each individual and the effects are different. Everyone is unique. In this process, the hypnotist is sometimes a guide, sometimes a follower, following the client to his/her memories and advancing together.

Therefore, hypnosis is not just a simple relaxation, but a consciously following and guiding the other party into a huge treasure trove of learning for the subconscious, to obtain the resources needed for the case. The biggest beneficiary is the case itself, we must customized the most suitable hypnosis.

As for how to do hypnosis specifically, how to breathe and relax to help you lift the restrictive belief?

This is actually the process and steps in entering the coaching state. When you go into hypnosis, you will know that you are already in hypnosis. In this state, everything is possible, there are many ways to lift the restrictive belief.

For example, when I have a very strong feeling of worry, under hypnosis, I can see myself as parts: I am ‘Worried’, I am also ‘Not Worried’.  I can be both a ‘Worried’ self and  a ‘Not Worried’ self.  At the same time, I can also not be ‘Worried’ and also not be ‘Not Worried’.

Confused? I understand.

This is a very old practice. This exercise can help you to lift the restrictive belief: you can be A or B. You can be both A and B. You can even be neither A nor B. It can break the concept of your logical thinking, and all your logical constraints will open.

In hypnosis, everything exists at the same time, or it does not exist at the same time. Your world, your vision is open, your whole look is open, you will feel that everything is possible, there are boundless possibilities. You will find life so interesting, so fun, so diverse, so beautiful!

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